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What is Foundation Training?

Are you tired of feeling stiff, achy, or out of balance? Have you noticed that your modern lifestyle is taking a toll on your body? Foundation Training offers a simple solution to help you redefine your life without pain.

You’ll learn a series of body-weight exercises that activate your posterior muscle chain, which includes the muscles in your back, hips, glutes, and legs. By strengthening and learning to use these muscles properly, you can correct the imbalances that come from sitting too much, hunching over screens, and other habits of modern life.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, a desk worker looking to relieve tension, or someone who simply wants to feel better in their body, Foundation Training can help.

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Practice whenever you decide

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New videos added regularly

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Choose your favorite teachers

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Community forum

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Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go. They merely determine what you start. Start redefining your life without pain today. 

On Ramp

Simple and effective introduction to the key principles and introduction to the poses.

Great for Everyone


Connecting the concepts into workouts as you learn the skills for pain relief and prevention.

New to FT


Learn more complex poses as you maintain the path of pain prevention.

Proficient with Basics of FT


Workouts with emphasis on higher level fitness and performance.

Experienced with FT


Routines and workouts to address specific body areas.

Great for everyone

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We believe everyone has the ability to improve their health with posture, breath, and movement. Joint our community forum to ask questions and meet others on the path to a pain free life. Connect with our extensive network of collaborative and supportive certified instructors.

Jeff Bridges
Eva Quan
Rickson Gracie
Eileen Ricigliano

The human body is an instrument to train, practice, and manage until it becomes not second nature, but first nature in how you manage stress, recovery, and your health. Foundation Training visionary approach to mindful movement and harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal is powerful… it’s given me the tool I use for a pain free existence.

Jeff Bridges

Having the Core Group of Instructors streaming through my phone or computer is the next best thing to a live class. The lessons are concise and I’m excited for the playlist option!

Eva Quan

As I started to do Foundation Training I had completely different feeling in myself and how I handled positions. I had never done breathing exercises the way they showed me. All the techniques are simple and very executable and made a big difference in my lifestyle.

Rickson Gracie

FT Streaming has been such an amazing resource to get out of pain without medication. I travel for a living and to be able to have it on my phone with me is a lifesaver. I love that I can pop on a 10 minute video and know I'm going to feel better after. 

Eileen Ricigliano